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School Clothing and Uniform


Clothing and Uniform
Given that there is substantial parental/carer and public approval of a dress code, schools in this authority are encouraged to develop a school dress code. In encouraging a dress code policy account must be taken in any proposals to prevent any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race or gender. Any proposals will be the subject of widespread consultation with parents/carers and children. Against this background it should be noted that it is the policy of the Education Children and Families Policy Development Committee to encourage schools to develop an appropriate dress code policy.
There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:
  •                potentially encourage faction, such as football colours
  •                could cause offence such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans
  •                could cause health and safety difficulties such as loose fitting clothing, dangling earrings
  •                are made from flammable material for example shell suits in practical classes
  •                could cause damage to flooring
  •                carry advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco
  •                could be used to inflict damage on other pupils or be used by others to do so.
Under no circumstances will pupils be deprived of any educational benefit as a result of not wearing clothing conforming to the school dress code policy.
Broomhill Dress Code
Pale blue shirt                                                                
Grey/Navy pullover (available with school colour band)                                              
Grey/Navy trousers                                                         
Pale blue blouse
Grey or Navy pullover/cardigan
Grey or Navy skirt or similar
Pale blue summer dress (plain or striped)
In addition, a pale blue polo shirt, navy sweatshirt and fleece (with the school badge) are available for sale.  Our parents arrange dates throughout the session when these items can be viewed, bought and ordered. 
Order forms are available from the school office throughout the year. We also keep a small selection of sizes in stock. 
Our striped school tie and school badge are available on sale locally.