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Capacity & School Hours


Present Roll                           427
Planning capacity                  467
Working capacity                   467
In primary 1 the number of pupils in each class is limited to 25. In primaries 2 and 3 the maximum class size is 30. At other stages classes are limited to 33 pupils. The arrangement of classes specifically reflects the number of pupils enrolled at each year’s intake and currently there are three classes in P1, 3 classes in P4 and two at each of the other stages.
This classification is reviewed annually prior to the start of each school session.
Current Classification
P1 – 65                           P5 – 60
P2 – 60                           P6 – 63
P3 – 47                           P7 – 51
P4 – 82
Parents should note that the working capacity of the school may vary dependent upon the number of pupils at each stage and the way in which the classes are organised.
School Hours
Opening: 9.00 am
Interval: 10.30 am until 10.45 am
Lunch break: 12.15pm until 1.00 pm
Close: 3.00 pm