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School Discipline

The relationship between pupil and teacher is similar to that between a child and his/her own parents requiring mutual consideration on both sides. The purpose of school rules is to promote that relationship and make the school a safe and secure environment for all pupils.

Children will be expected to behave reasonably and obey the rules of the school. We expect the co-operation and support of all parents to help maintain a happy working atmosphere in the school.
We have a positive attitude towards discipline and work towards emphasising and praising good behaviour and enlisting co-operation.
Each week every class works for stars for good behaviour, attitudes to work and there are also awards for individual children.
Please praise your child when he/she has gained a reward. It’s well deserved!
Pupils who fail to respond to Broomhill’s positive approach to behaviour will in the first instance be dealt by the class teacher. Strategies may include
·        verbal reprimand
·        withdrawal of privilege or Golden Time
·        punishment exercise
·        behaviour sheet
Class teachers will keep the Depute Head/Head Teacher fully informed of any concerns they have about the behaviour of any pupil.
Parents of pupils continuing to cause concern will be invited to a meeting with the Head Teacher to discuss these concerns and to decide on an appropriate course of action.  
If any child is being annoyed by another in the playground he/she must not retaliate but should seek help immediately from staff on playground duty.
Any form of fighting or climbing on any part of the school is strictly forbidden.
At Broomhill we will not tolerate any form of bullying behaviour. Each and every incident of bullying will be dealt with.  All bullying incidents are reported to the Head Teacher. Pupils are encouraged to report any alleged cases of bullying, even if they themselves are not involved.
Bullying behaviour will not be tolerated within Glasgow City Council’s educational establishments. All children in Glasgow’s educational establishments have an entitlement “to work(and play) in a learning environment in which they feel valued, respected and safe and are free from all forms of abuse, bullying or discrimination” (A Standard for Pastoral Care in Glasgow Schools)
In 2009, Glasgow City Council published it’s revised Anti – Bullying Policy, incorporating the requirement to record and report all discriminatory behaviours within educational establishments. All establishments are required to review their policy in light of this. Parents and carers have a significant role to play in helping to address this problem. For this reason any anti-bullying strategy must stress the importance of partnership with the parents and carers of their children.
Dealing With Racial Harassment
The Race Relations Act of 1976 makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone because of his/her colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national background. The Act makes it the duty of Glasgow City Council to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination.
In 1999 the guidelines, “‘Dealing with Racial Harassment” were issued to assist all teaching staff in dealing with such incidents.
The adoption of an anti -racist approach should be seen as one part of the continuing attempt to improve the quality of education.
Glasgow City Council recognises that support from the home is essential if these aims are to be achieved. Every child in Glasgow has the right to be happy and secure at school.