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Additional Support for Learning

From time to time, for different short and long-term reasons, pupils require additional support in order to progress.  This can include high-achievers, children absent through illness or having a specific learning difficulty.  

Children requiring Additional Support for Learning will be referred by the class teacher to the Additional Support Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs. Gettinby) who will assess the individual child’s needs.  
The Co-ordinator will discuss and plan appropriate strategies, resources and adaptations to the school or curriculum.  This may involve referral to the school  Educational Psychologist, member of visiting English as Additional Language Staff or other trained professional such as Speech and Language Therapist or Behavioural Support.  Each child’s progress will be monitored and reviewed.
Certain children will require a Personal Learning Plan or an Additional Support Plan where very specific lines of progress are planned and evaluated by all concerned.
If there is concern about your child’s progress you will be informed at an early stage and your support actively sought.