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All areas of our curriculum are taught in accordance with National and Glasgow Education Services Guidelines. They reflect current good educational practice.  Our school policies and programmes of study are currently under review to bring them into line with A Curriculum for Excellence. We are developing our curriculum in line with Curriculum for Excellence Guidelines which develops our pupils as Successful learners, Confident individuals, Responsible citizens and Effective contributors.
The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum in areas such as Languages, Numeracy and Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, Technologies, Expressive Arts, Health and Wellbeing and Religious & Moral Education.
These curricular areas may be taught as discreet strands but may also be part of an INTERDISCIPLINARY approach when aspects of many curricular areas are taught within a common theme.
Every child at Broomhill, irrespective of creed, colour, gender or ability is given the same opportunity to attain his/her potential in all areas of the curriculum.