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Health and Wellbeing
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Our Health programme includes aspects of mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Through life pupils will make choices which will affect their wellbeing. We aim to help them make informed choices relating to health and safety and discuss topics such as healthy eating, personal hygiene, personal safety and drug/ alcohol awareness. 
Physical Education is now included within this curricular area.
Sexual Health and Relationship Education is an important part of our programme and is taught in line with national and local guidelines. Members of staff have been trained to deliver lessons in sexual health and relationship education and parents are advised in advance so that their permission can be sought.  Parents wishing to withdraw their children from these lessons should send a letter to the Head Teacher indicating their wishes.
We place great emphasis on the Personal and Social Development of our pupils. This includes raising self esteem and self awareness. ‘Circle Time’ is an important part of the programme.