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Helping my Child at School


Home and School
Close home/school links can only be of benefit to all concerned. Parents are encouraged to visit the school with or without an appointment although a telephone call is helpful to ensure that the Head Teacher is available.
During each term newsletters are sent out so that those parents who are unable to come to school can keep up to date with events, both educational and social.
We are grateful for parental support helping at parties, book fairs and going on outings.
We welcome parental support in the form of parent helpers. Any adult working in the school must have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate which we can arrange.
We welcome parents to class assemblies in both school halls.
We run a pre-entrant programme for children and parents in May/June of each session. This is to prepare children for starting school the following August.
Parents will also be invited to meetings about the school curriculum and, from time to time, about matters concerning school life.



Homework will be given on a regular basis (usually 4 nights per week). This should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes (10 to 15 minutes for Early Stages).
Young children are very keen to have their parents hear them read and it is a great help if parents show an interest in this. 
Older pupils may be asked to research and write about a subject of particular interest to them. Such work would normally be done over a period of 3 or 4 weeks.
Our Homework Policy takes account of pupil, parent and staff opinions. Homework meetings are arranged at the beginning of each session.
Parents are encouraged to take an active parting their child’s homework.